Playing Americana-laced indie folk enlivened with thought-provoking lyrics, lively & passionate vocals, and a graveyard sense of humour, Following Lions is the stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Lowen. An entertainer, multi-instrumentalist, and above all a Storyteller, Following Lions is Hamlet turned folk-singer. His song-stories are overflowing with scenes of courage, heartbreak, conflict and hope as heroes and villains alike search for meaning in a world of borrowed time. His restless, yet memorable melodies waltz through visions of darkness & light, love & loss and the struggle that binds them together.

Born in Vancouver in 1986, Lowen first broke into music in Paul Mcartneyan fashion as bassist for the promising but ill-fated art-rock group Mosaic. Finally in 2012, after another failed attempt at rock & roll superstardom with folk-rockers, The Lucindas, Matt set out for greener pastures and higher frequencies as a solo artist independently releasing his debut album, “Junkie’s Bank Account” to positive reviews.

After a tour of Western Canada in support of JBA, Matt took some time away from the road to finish his degree in English Literature and write. Inspired by the death of his Grandfather and the gradual, inevitable collapse of a long-term relationship, Matt sought healing and catharsis with pen & paper. For months, he would rise each morning at 5am—just before dawn—to write. Channeling his muse in those dark early hours, Matt eventually snapped out of this feverish creative haze holding the songs that would become his award-nominated album “Last Year’s Leaves.”

Recorded over the summer of 2014 with Rick Genge at Spiderlodge Studios, Last Year’s Leaves “ripened and fell from the vine” with ease during those warm July nights. Co-Producers Matt & Rick worked to emphasize the organic spirit of the music with acoustic instruments, abandoning percussion and allowing the song structures & melodies to carry the listener. Again, Matt decided to independently release & market Last Year’s Leaves in order to maintain creative control of his vision. While filming the official music video for “Daisy Rose” Matt and his film crew became stranded on a mountaintop as an early October sunset caught them off guard. After many hours of careful downhill navigation in total darkness, Matt & co. were met by police officers organizing a search party for them in the parking lot—creative control indeed! The music video was never finished but the album was met with critical acclaim, even earning an FVMA award-nomination.

In the summer of 2016, Matt found a new home in Victoria, BC, changed his stage name to Following Lions, and is currently working on his third album, due early-mid 2018.